"Thanks to the active U.S. interventions of the past, most of today's protestors never experienced the hardschips of totalitarianism.
Many millions were schooled in the same historical inaccuracies, reinforced by a leftist media, creating a broad and dangerous coalition that opposes true liberty and justice under the banner of defending virtual human rights, while real human rights go abused."
-- Garry Kasparov, the world's top ranked chess player, quoted from his article entitled "Winning the Longer-Term War" published in wsj.com, 21-Mar-2003.

Photo collection from a spring hike to the Cousson mountain (1560m) from Entrages (1050m)

near Digne-les-Badministrations (700m)

Provence, Southern France, 26-Mar-2003

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The village Entrages (1050m) which is located east of Digne-les-bains, driving distance 9 km on little twisty roads. The public parking is located at the western exit of Entrages, where the paved street ends and the hiking trail starts.
We approach the ridge between the Tete de la Clapiàre (1305m) and the Cousson.
A cairn at the arrival on the Cousson plateau, view north.
The chapelle St. Michel (1511m) is constructed on volatile ground.
The south-eastern flank of the Cousson mountain
A wild-fire left black trees on the southern flank
The first spring flower, taken near the summit.

A visitor from the U.S. wrote:
"More great pictures. I was particularly taken with the little chapel balanced on the edge of a dangerous promintory. I might have to use that sometime as a metaphor for the church in the 21st century. :)"

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