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Photos from Le Sauze, Port St. Pierre, and Lac de Serre Poncon

Hautes Alpes, Southern France

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Le Sauze is a very small village dominating the Lake Serre Poncon, encapsulated in the Nord-East by river Durance and in the South-East by the river Ubaye. From the big parking place, there is a nice view to the dam in the West. All pictures were taken in August, 2000.

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The church with the new suburb, called "lotissement" in French, behind on the hill.
Flowers and vegetables garden, viewing South from the village Le Sauze.
The center of the village Le Sauze with a public phone and pristine wash rooms. A very hot day with any wind. The dog was rather thirsty.
Apart from the many tourists passing by, time seems to stand still here.
The vegetable and fruit tree garden is in beautiful shape. The fence would need some work, but the ensemble is hard to beat.
From the big parking, the view to the West with the dam.
From the big parking, the view South
From the big parking, the view Nord
Center view of the village Le Sauze.
View South-West
Almost every day has a beautiful sunset at Lake Serre Poncon
The entry to Port St. Pierre, a recent construction zone, located South of the village Le Sauze. Seems most of the tourists are already gone at the end of August.
As the sign in previous picture indicates, the tennis court was constructed and financed by the following public services, organisms, or authorities: region, departement, and municipality. This means, I believe, that the taxpayer, called "le contribulable" in France, paid for this tennis court. Even Saturday afternoon, nobody seems to be interested in using it.
The entry door of the tennis court was locked. There was no sign were to get the key or who would be allowed to use it. The above picture shows the apartment buildings of Port St. Pierre. Since there was no sign indicating "lodging", I assume, that this is all mostly secondary residences.
More apartments and the beach of Port St. Pierre. The beach seems to be public.
The coast line of Lake Serre Poncon. Erosion created wonderful patterns.
Port St. Pierre, when arriving from the East.
The Ubaye-side tunnel, viewing West
The Ubaye bridge, viewing South-East
Roses from the waterfront in the village of Le Sauze, view West to the dam.
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